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Welcome to Fifi la Ferraille's universe !

Fifi la ferraille's creations are made from objects unusual in jewelry such as violin screws, wing nuts, swivels, springs, clock mechanisms, fishing spoons, steel tips etc...

The idea is simple: objects primary functions are set aside, and only forms and settings are put forward: a screw becomes a head, with nuts as arms and legs, and steel tip as blazon. Shape takes over from functions...

Welcome to fifi la ferraille's wonder world !!

A word by the creator

The charm of a jewel lies in its peculiarity, in its soul. Creating it is an act of dreaming ... to make people dream.

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Unique jewels

Sophisticated and refined just like the women for whom they are intended, these unique jewels will know how to delight women in search of exclusivity.

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Our catalog of jewels

Looking for an unusual, fun jewel, and ... made in "La Fabrique", France? 
Browse our great catalog of jewels and indulge yourself !

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Discover them


Fifi la Ferraille

By her artist's name, Fifi la Ferraille provokes us by the art of the gap. Behind this modest and weird particle, Fifi la Ferraille shows her passion for these simple and silent objects which populate our life.

Little by little she created a whole universe, with her sculptures and her boards.



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